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A Week in the Life of the Martinez Family

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

We would like to give you an update on how God is moving through the faithful obedience in the great commission. As the local church continues to grow, we are seeing a number of people wanting to make Iglesia Cristian de la Gracia their home church.Although we are extremely busy with discipleship, evangelism and expository preaching, we are grateful for what God is doing among the people of Cusco. We have begun to see a shift in the core group of the local church in which Christ likeness and conformity is beginning to take hold within their lives. We pray that God receives all of the glory and honor for this praise!

How can you be praying? Please join us in prayer each week over the brothers and sisters in Christ of Cusco, Peru.

Sunday: We have a morning service in which we glorify God as a family and His word is preached by either Joe or Werhner. Please pray that the people would hear God’s Word and worship the beautiful name of Jesus. Monday: Joe has discipleship in the evening with a brother in our home. It is also Joe’s day off to spend with the family. Tuesday: There are two home groups that have begun going through the book Gospel Centered Life by Robert H. Thune. One group meets in our home in the evening. It has been encouraging to see so many people join this group. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and a way to reach our neighbors.

Wednesday: Each evening is spent as a family of Christ in prayer. We gather together to worship and pray over Cusco and specific prayer needs.

Thursday: Joe disciples to young adults, Angel and Sayda, in the afternoon. In the evening, there is a young adult/student service that Joe also teaches.

Friday: Each day Joe spends much time studying and preparing for the sermon on Sunday. Throughout the week he also does much counseling among the body of Christ. Saturday: Because the local people are off on Saturdays, we spend time as a family with different people and families of the church counseling and discipling.

  • Please pray that God will raise up local leaders that can lead for the glory of God.

  • Please pray that the local church, Iglesia Cristian de la Gracia, continues to remain faithful to His word.

  • Please pray that God will raise up supporters that we may continue the work in Cusco, Peru.

Big News for Joe! I have decided to begin my second masters from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have always had the desire to continue my education but due to funds, I have been unable to pursue it. Southern offers an accredited program, in Spanish, for the Hispanic community. I am able to pursue the degree because the classes are a fraction of the price but the level of education is not diminished. My goal, God willing, is to achieve a Masters of Divinity, so that I may better serve those God has entrusted me. Please pray that His name would be glorified through this time of study.

We would like to thank you for helping us spread the gospel. Although at times, the cost of discipleship is slow, every opportunity we have to invest in the kingdom of God, we must take advantage to show people the love of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save sinners.