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Jungle Trip

I thank the Lord for the privilege of visiting our brothers and sister in Chembo and Ivotzote along the Tambo River. Roric, a local pastor in Pichanaki, lead this trip. Roric is a brother in Christ who plans the trips and we go along to help him teach and encourage him in his ministry. He visits the people along the Tambo River two to four times a year to continue the lessons.

The goal of this trip was to go through a lesson on the gospel in which Roric and myself shared the responsibilities of teaching. We spent more time traveling than teaching but the time we had with the brethren was excellent.

Our goal is to go through a discipleship book in which it teaches about keys topics of Christianity such as God, Christ, salvation, and the local church.

Matt Jolley, an elder in training from Spokane, Washington, was able to join us for this trip. We were grateful for his encouragement and deep love for Christ.